Just as adding Palin to the Republican ticket has brought us all comic relief, I find the unwitting telemarketers who are unfortunate enough to dial my number left in as much shock as we are over Palin or laughing until they wet their knickers. 

A poor chap just called asking me if I was interested in a new phone service, which offers lower rates for calls across Canada and the US. 

My calm response was: 

"Thank you... but I don't use the phone." 
"Yes maam.. you use the Internet." 
"No. Pigeons." 
"Excuse me?" 
Silence, followed by: 
"Ok. Thank you maam." 

You are more than welcome. And stop calling me. And even more urgent, stop calling me 'maam,' F*@kface!


Jillian said...

yThat just makes me think of the Betty White clip on Craig Ferguson.

"McCain can't use the internet, so he's been using carrier pigeons, but Sarah Palin keeps shooting them down...she's a crazy bitch!"

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