The wonders and woes of weekends can give me enough ammunition to fill books. Nah. Writing a book isn't a good idea, not for someone whose relatively NEW laptop crashes every other day.

For those who wonder why have I been quiet lately, I blame technology, viruses and my doctor husband and his compupter-geek-friend, who made it their chore to 'fix' my computer when it first showed signs of fatigue and an invasion of new strains of viruses and spam, which its feeble anti-biotic-virus wasn't able to cure.

To cut the long story short, I have had to reboot (reformat?? don't know what the correct term is and frankly I don't care) a few times, everytime losing all the material, pictures, downloads, links and programs I have amassed in this wonderful creation which I have never been able to live without and which (ironically) have never appreciated nor acknowledged its impact on my life at the same time. haha. Isn't it the same with everything else in life? We take almost all things beautiful in our lives for granted until they are there no more.. and then.. just then.. we wonder.. what did really go wrong?

Back to weekends and my fixation with them in the ebb and flow of life. When I was young..really young..I loved weekends. Being in Bahrain, the public holiday was on Friday. Being in a convent school, the school holiday was on Sunday, so while all the other children in different schools had ONE day off, I enjoyed two! Friday was the wasted day with the family and Sunday was MY day, where I did my own stuff.. like dunno.. I probably used to cross-stitch, knit and paint in that pre-Internet era :)

When I was older, the other schools started giving their students two days off! Now they had their days off on Thursday and Friday while I was still on the Friday and Sunday off schedule. This meant they got to enjoy a longish weekend, while mine was broken with a day at school on Saturday.

This is where my ingenuity came to play. I had to make the best of both worlds and so my sicknesses fell miraculously on Thursdays and Saturdays, every other week, giving me three-day weekends, and a one up on everyone else!

But things don't remain the same in the cycle of life and with the late teens, days and nights fused into a big haze and all days were treated like weekends! Don't ask me what I did for I don't remember and this amnesia continued for almost a good 10 years (!!!!), punctuated only by the times I had to attend classes in university or report to work! Yeah. I remember completing a degree (with honours - ehem) and starting work during this time. The rest, as they say, is history.

And now I am at the borrrrrrrrring weekends phase.. where once again all days are the same..but with a different twist to them. They aren't in the distant past. They are real and I can see the minutes passing and the clock tick tocking and the sun rising and setting and the seasons changing and the flowers blooming and drooping and I don't know what to do. People are undecided when they are five, 15 and maybe, if they are boys, 25. But at my age.. well.. how long do I have to sulk for? How long will I continue not knowing what I want to do..what I really want from life?

Damn weekends and the silly questions they make you come up with.


Angelo Embuldeniya said...

for your pc virus probs, just download an install Kaspersky anti virus (personal edition) and its open source as well :)

and the boring weekends phase probably explains the "too available" status message you have on :D


Um Naief said...

i've gone from just weekends to asking these questions almost every freakin day of my life!!

i can remember days w/out the internet... i can remember my weekends (but i had the same ones as everyone else... bummer) playing outside until it got dark, riding my bicycle, spending weekends in the country w/ my cousins... aaahhh, i love those memories.

i think i've been having the blur stage for .... gosh, i dont know, prob 20 yrs now! ;)

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