In a united front, people in Bahrain are expressing their annoyance with Batelco's latest fradulant dealings in a way never witnessed in the island demockratic kingdom ever before (for details check

Yesterday, the deal was that anyone who could live without his Batelco services, should boycott them for a day. I don't really know how successful that initiative was for I, for one, recieved several phone calls from Batelco users. Sadly, they were all unaware about the day.

Personally, I would like to see more such intiatives. I know for a fact that newspapers would not promote the drive to boycott Batelco's services and people running the boycott Batelco campaign should look into other means to spread the word about such public demonstrations of disgust against a parasitical company, which has literally sucked the blood out of each and every single person in Bahrain.

Here's to more Boycott Batelco days! Cheers!


Silveroo The Sailor said...

Off topic..
Nice girlie makeover. I'm so in love with the cursor!

Sans said...

Gandhi started the non-coopertation movement in india to defeat the British Colonial masters.

There is only one language big businesses do understand, MONEY.

Not ethics, or values, or decency.

So hit them where it hurts them most: revenues.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Silveroo...A good friend of mine surprised me with the new layout the other day! I guess it was his way of ordering me to stop sulking and return to blogging!

Yes.. money .. money ... money.. It seems to be the only thing making the world go round nowadays!

Monopolies of different kinds will NEVER become illegal in our part of the world!! You know why as much as I do!

Omni said...

Why are these companies always so AWFUL?!!

Sans said...

Would there be something like a blog-menopause? Why don't you blog anymore?

Sandi said...

My experience with Batelco wasn't much better than yours. Luckily it was limited to internet access more than anything else; but they are most definitely expensive. They have a captive audience and can do whatever they want. My question to you is this: How can it be considered a democratic society if one is unable to legally challenge a monopoly?
(I too like your blog makeover!)

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