I can't stop laughing.. Everyone I know in Bahrain is consumed with Batelco's new fiasco. In a new blow, the company which has held a monopoly on the country's telecommunications for decades, has decided to introduce new limitations on Internet usage.

Whatever their reasons, people aren't happy and have made their voices heard. There even is a website dedicated to fight the move, www.boycottbatelco.com, where you can learn about the latest on supression of unlimited access to information. From public meetings to threats of holding rallies, people in Bahrain have made their views more than heard about this new act of repression.

In the following link, a group of young Bahrainis voice their frustrations.. in a rather funny way:


Way to go Bahrain!


Sans said...

Hello SBG,

Why don't you write a column on this:
Jobs switch law backed by Shura

Let's hear what you have to say.

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

Hey SBG! Nice blog outlook :) love it!

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