TM: amoor u there?

WW: where else will i be? all well in wonderland?

TM: I dont know u havent been there for a while..

WW: i am here and not here

TM: meh .. i'll live.. and wonderland is just as u left it

WW: eee

TM: yeah.. I know

WW: hehe how are things?

TM: like I said.. i'll live and how r u?

WW: i am ok i want to get into the swing of things again any change upsets my system

TM: yeah.. i know it's hard

WW: and it takes me a while to fall back into a routine

TM: No one likes change

WW: for instance.. i havent written a column for almost two months now because i just dont have a mind for it

TM: aha.. that's no good

WW: same with the blog

TM: yup

WW: i havent updated it for a while eee ma adri my system is funny

TM: dont worry it's normal.. but u need to get out of it..

WW: u just cant switch me on and then off and then on i really have to set realistic targets and objectives hehe

TM: Amoor.. I have a question

WW: shoot

TM: silly question.. but a question non-the-less

WW: of course

TM: how do I not be "the nice guy"

WW: how do u not be the nice guy? why do u not want to be a nice guy?

TM: yup.. how do I not be the nice guy

WW: nice guys are hip nowadays

TM: a want to be a nice guy.. but not "THE nice guy" you know.. you're a nice guy.. but.. lol THE nice guy.. lol

WW: i told u i am in the switched off mood nowadays

TM: lol.. good timing to switch right back on

WW: ask me this deep and philosophical question later on

TM: ok lol

WW: ur question has made me develop knots in my brain walla .. i feel that things are moving in my head

TM: I have a can of WD-40

WW: eee that would do or maybe it wont

TM: trust me a couple of sprays in each ear and ur set

WW: fine.. i am game which ear will u start with?

TM: depends on which side u use more.. but I always recommend one starts with the left

WW: done

TM: good it should start working now

WW: ok thanks and see u later


Truthseeker said...

Sorry...I don't get it.

Cerebralwaste said...

Welcome back SBG!!!!

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