Woke up to a warm sunny day in Hamilton..

Contrary to popular belief.. I actually had to return home to change my clothes because it was too HOT outside! It was 8 degrees C !


I know I will regret this when we are snowed under!!


Mad Canuck said...

Trust me.... if you like 8 degrees Celsius, just wait until you see what minus 30 feels like! It doesn't get that cold every year in Hamilton, but it did last year, right around Christmas for a few days. You'll survive, though: just buy some sweaters and a warm coat.

A trick in winter is to dress in layers. A sweater over your normal clothes, a warm coat over that, a warm pair of gloves, snow boots, gloves, scarf, hat, etc. And, if it's really cold (or if you're just not used to it) you can also get thermal underwear: long pants and undershirt you wear under your clothes. If you dress warm enough, you can stay outside for hours and it doesn't feel cold at all.

Another way to learn to like the Canadian winter is to take up skiing or other winter sports. There are some great ski resorts about an hour's drive from where you are. They offer lessons, and you can get a whole package where they'll rent you the skis, poles, and boots, and give you lessons too.

Good luck this winter - hopefully you'll adapt okay, and maybe you'll even learn to like it.

marco said...

Welcome to Canada!! ;)


cheri said...

remember those days when u said that the heat in wonderland makes u literally wana puke? one thing for sure is that when u come back you'll find the heat way worse..enjoy every sunny day u get, if any more are to come, and well i guess u better use the tip from canuck..good luck with accomodation also ami..
just saw ur posts today by the way and i was like..there she is!! really hope that all works out fine for u..tc xxxx

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I would like to be so bold as to suggest a website to you to help you understand Canada. http://americansguide.ca/isms.html
This site was created by Emily Way an onteresting American who came and stayed. She was trying to explain Canada to her countrymen. This site is full of information. In no time, you will be asking for a "double double" at the coffee shop just like a Canadian.

aalman said...

Yeah I was checking out the weather forcast the other day.. I knew that you were going to enjoy the weather for a while.. You only have a short time with it though so since it's november already start shopping for coats..

I told you, you were jittery going there but ones you've lived there you'll have a hard time leaving..

We, the people of wonderland, all miss you.

Take care of yourself and your hubby. :)

Tolerant Damascene said...

Enjoy the last few "warm" days in the north ;)

Mike C said...

Snow in early December, I think. Plan on seeing it until mid March. This happened to my sister when she came home from California to get married (Buffalo NY 2001)


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