I know that there isn't a miracle cure as such.
That's the myth.
The truth is there is an effective one out there which people who care enough can't get their hands on.
The answer is: let it go!

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Over worked?
Job sucks?
Family problems?
Money worries?
Well, here's a pill for YOU!

FUKILTOL 1000mg..

When life just blows...FUKITOL!


Sans said...

Fuckitol sounds more and more like trinoassatol.

As for miracles...
I try to remember the wonderful lines of Bryan Adams:

"I don't believe in miracles but that don't mean they don't come true"

But, then, aren't we all looking for the miracle of love, care, affection, respect, truth, honesty, peace...?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

we sure are... sans...
we all are lloking for luv...care.. affection...respect..truth...honesty.. and PEACE..

ainialyaman said...

PESSIMIST talks like Diazepam.

leon said...
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leon said...

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thanks alot.

luckyfatima said...

from where can i order Fukitol. I think i need a dose these days

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