The news of the arrest of a Bahraini blogger has really sent shivers down my spine.

Boy... this is scary. I really don't want to be in his shoes...Forget about the charges which could be levelled against him, but being cross-examined by those half-wits is no easy task.

Anyway.. silly me thinks it is time to stop being cheeky and admit the truth: I am not responsible for any opinions or silly ideas appearing on this site. All entries written by SBG have been written under the influence of alcohol.

I also pledge full allegience to the leadership: look: it is not only lip service: I am actually going to do something about it:

Now those are the official pictures...So I don't think I have committed a felony by doing this.


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Nope... Don't think so.
Not if I am not driving.
And even if I was driving, if I react properly in front of the police (ie: by smiling and winking at them), they will let me off the hook ;)

sume said...

I don't blame you. I can't tell what's on his website or his blog since it's in Arabic. I wonder what he said that got him into trouble.

Al is that you? Where have you been?

Anonymous said...

I'd rather keep my dignity intact.

Anonymous said...

It is paramount to keep your dignity intact...
But what happens when there are forces trained and lusting for dehumanising people and humiliating them ?
Do you continue to hold your head up high or do you bent over and tell him: all is fine .. abuse me more please ?

Anonymous said...

Bugsy... u missed the silly joke... obviously ;)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

The disclaimer serves a purpose only a silly mind like mine can comprehend.

Anyway, I might just delete this whole entry...What do you think?
The situation is grave and it isn't really the time for me to act cheeky and crack one of my silly ones.

Three people have been arrested so far... for what? For running a free podium of expression in a country which doesn't offer much of a choice.

There are thousands of subscribers to that site - and correct me if I am wrong - there could be people among them who have purposely sabotaged the whole operation.

Regardless of what was written on the forum, Bahrain should try and be mature.

Creating such unrest and feelings of oppression among people will not serve the nation at all - not now, not ever.

At a time of national reconciliation and dialogue, when people are coming together to discuss economic and labour reforms through proper think tanks and national debate, a year from elections (which we hope Bahrainis have learnt their lesson from the previous charade and make more appropriate choices), there comes this blow.

Just on Thursday, Crown Prince Shaikh Salman was at a meeting attended by 180 people where he said that Bahraini people are at the heart of any reform. That the aim of any development should be raising the level and quality of life and productivity of Bahrainis.

A few days later, this happens. Surely whatever outraged the government wasn't a comment written during the two days in between.

Why didn't they arrest Ali and gang before this ? What message is the government trying to send the people?

Are we trying to reinstate Bahrain as a police state (again) where the unannounced motto is: Thou shall not think, thou shall not speak your mind and thou shall shut up forever.

Chanad said...

haha, very funny post. i love the pics... maybe ill put them on my site if things get tense :)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Chanad...
Wish I could swim as deep as you do !

sume said...

Heehee, I missed it, too. I should have known better!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Oh No! Not you Sume...

Bugs.. Ok..I can understand. He is a guy and men are excused for not reading between the lines!

It demands greater skills ;)

(just kiddin')

Anonymous said...

You know, in some circles, these piture are enough to get you off the hook! However in the circles that really matter they hardly notice these silly gestures, and actually VALUE the same things that you and I do: common decency, logic, integrity and the need to better the Bahraini person. Corny, but very very true.

It's only the archaic, middle-meddling-managers and middle-meddling-wannabe-tribalists who think otherwise.

They are normally religated to the bottom of the barrel that they deserve in any case,


-- m

Anonymous said...

a bit too much of the amber nectar I'm afraid.. forgive my spelling faux pas please... piture should be pronounced piCtureS... but you get the image anyway.

good night
m has left the building!

Anonymous said...

now they're trying to block hate websites... we're going backwards!!!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...


When you are drunk it doesn't matter if you are going backwards or forwards.

The most important thing is not to lose your balance.

Don't get that little silly brain of your clouded now..

Which bar are you hitting tonight?

I am staying home because I can assure you there will be a lot of drunkards on the streets.

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