I would like to introduce our pet Iguana Iguana to you.

Iguana is a very friendly iguana who lives with us at home. He or she doesn't bite, eats fruit and sometimes does funny things...which I may or may not tell you about.

Today it ventured outside into our very weird neighbourhood, sparking chaos and bringing traffic to a standstill.

Some boys came knocking on our front door saying that the "haywan" (animal) is terrorising the neighbourhood.

"What haywan?" asked my mum.
"Your dinasour!" screamed one of the boys.

"What dinasour?" wondered my mum.
"No, it's a crocodile," said another boy.

My sister then had to go outside and rescue our poor iguana from all the savages outside. I think it now needs therapy for the traumatic experience of coming face to face with those creatures.


Anonymous said...

Oh that's funny! Do you let it wander around the house freely?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Dear Anon,

Sometimes it wanders around the house freely.
It likes to perk itself on higher ground..It eats fruit and keeps to itself most of the time.
Mummy is naturally complaining about it all.
We are happy with it so ... it stays.

Dear Shawarmaboy,

Yes.. Shoufy would be delighted to meet Iguana...so would Iguana !!
Don't be deceived by the picture because it is not a small creepy crawly. It measures a good metre in length from head to tail. It has a long tail like a whip.. and looks like a prehistoric reptile...which may be a bit scary for curious Shoufy.
Nope.. I am not into experimentation and wouldn't want to see what happens when my dinosaur comes face to face with Lion King's ancestors.
Besides, I have relatives who are members at the Bahrain Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals (BSPCA).

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