Here are my New Year's resolutions which I posted on Bahraini Blogs!
Let's see if I manage to stick to at least one of them..ehem...those of you who know how much will power I have and how I can resist temptation will wonder where I got the courage to go public with this from:

New Year signifies new beginnings and New Year's resolutions are only made at moments of extreme optimism (or when you are high on a dose of hope for a better tomorrow) to be broken when the hangover wears off.

My New Year's resolutions are as follows:
1. I will continue being the person I am, the same opinionated Miss Know It All (Mrs Know It All, if you insist!).
2. I will continue to learn more and read more and meet more and more new people.
3. I will continue to work hard and party harder.
4. I will learn to prioritise. This means I will NOT give all my energy to my job because at the end of the day it is only a job...I will save the best for after working hours. This doesn't mean I don't intend to work hard. It just means I will have to learn to draw the line.
5. I will try and make more time for my family and friends - because they matter to me more than anything else.
6. I will refuse to be intimidated and will continue to speak (and also write) my mind - regardless of whether Bahrain is a democracy or not.
7. I will make more time for my better fact, much much more time!
8. I will try to help as many people as I can - without asking for a return.
9. I will try and change the way I look by shedding the few kilos (15) I have amassed over the previous few years.
10. I will continue to fight for equality and justice in a world facing mounting difficulties understanding what those fundamental aspects of human rights mean!

This is a new entry:
11. Thanks to the threat of tsunamis...I guess I would also have to conquer my great fear of water and maybe, perhaps, attempt to learn to swim. I admit it is more laziness than fear.

DISCLAIMER: You all know I am bluffing.
I am weak. I don't have a strong will. I will put on more weight... and I will run away and hide, with my tail between my legs, at the slightest rebuke from any Tom, Dick or Harry.


sume said...

Do the best you can and try not to beat yourself up too much. Heehee, like I'm one to talk. Good luck, SBG.

D said...

Happy 2005! Hope you will find the will power you need to accomplish your resolution mate!

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