A new year has started.


This is the only new thing in my life. Nothing else has changed. To be frank, nothing really matters. No, I am not giving up on things ... yet. But I am in the process of letting go of a lot of things which I have discovered after this long long time are truely meaningless.

What was I really thinking of? That the clock will strike midnight and that everything will change for the better. What was I on?

Spent the whole day yesterday (January 1, 2005) in a comatose state. Like a Tse Tse fly had bitten me or something.

I slept and woke up and slept again and woke up and slept again. Did the world miss me?

No... and I won't tell you what I did the night before or, as a matter of fact, how the night dragged into day without me being able to keep track of time.

The truth is..I can't. But it wasn't anything exciting. Believe me.

It is also the last time I attempt to spend New Year's eve outside the house. It was a TOTAL RIP OFF. I love blowing up money but spending it the way I did, didn't make me feel any better.

In fact. I was depressed. I didn't see what all those morons surrounding me were happy about either. I love good things for other people.

It only dawned upon me today (January 2)...that this New Year was not a time to celebrate! But at least I was able to stand my ground...and go out and decide that I didn't like the commercialisation of it all..

Next year...I would love to spend the night in peace...and perhaps even make the most of New Year's Day!

Happy New Year (again) everyone!


Angelo Embuldeniya said...

Happy New Year SillyBahrainiGirl :-D

Hope that this yr you'll find more chicken food for da soul & sentimental music for di mind!

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