Gaddafi addressed the Tunisians. Here's a transcript of his erm... speech and this is, of course, my favourite part:

حتى أنتم إخواني التوانسة ، ربما أنكم تقرؤون في الكلينكس هذا ، والكلام الفارغ في الإنترنت . وهذا الإنترنت ، الذي أي واحد أهبل ؛ يسكر ويحط فيه أي كلام ، هل تصدقه !. الإنترنت هذا مثل الكناسة التي ترمي فيها أي حاجة ، فأي واحد تافه ؛ أي واحد كذاب ؛ أي واحد سكران ؛ أي واحد مخمور ؛ واحد شارب الأفيون ؛ يقدر يقول أي كلام في الإنترنت ، وأنتم تقرؤونه وتصدقونه .. هذا كلام بدون فلوس.. هل نصبح نحن ضحية لـ «فيسبوك» وضحية «الكلينكس « وضحية «يوتيوب»!، نصبح ضحية الأدوات التي صنعوها هم لكي يضحكوا بأمزجتنا !.. نحن نقرر مصيرنا ، حسب الحقائق وحسب حاجتنا.. ثم إن هذا ليس عصر الدم ؛ وعصر الدخان ؛ وعصر الحرق ، وعصر السكاكين ؛ و»الشيتات» ؛والفؤوس .. هذا عصر الجماهير ، المفروض عصر الديمقراطية ؛ كل شيء يا بـ «الإنتخاب ، يا «الاستفتاء» ، يا بالسلطة الشعبية المباشرة ؛ الديمقراطية الشعبية المباشرة .. وليس بـ «الإشاعات» ؛ وبـ «الفيسبوك» ؛ وبـ «اليوتيوب» ؛ وبـ «الكلينكس» ؛ و»ويكيليكس وبرقيات السفراء الأمريكان ، وشبكة المعلومات الدولية الإنترنت هذه هي التي الآن تضحك علينا ، ونهّتكوا في ديارنا ؛ ونمزق ملابسنا ؛ ونقتل أولادنا ، من أجلها .
It's always a pleasure reading/listening to Gaddafi speak because you never know what gems will come flying out of that mouth. This is the part which left me in stitches:

His Smartiness not only calls Wikileaks Kleenex but says that what's written on the Internet is "empty talk"!!

He says:

This Internet, which any demented person, any drunk can get drunk and write in, do you believe it? The Internet is like a vacuum cleaner, it can suck anything. Any useless person; any liar; any drunkard; anyone under the influence; anyone high on drugs; can talk on the Internet, and you read what he writes and you believe it. This is talk which is for free. Shall we become the victims of "Facebook" and "Kleenex" and "YouTube"! Shall we become victims to tools they created so that they can laugh at our moods? We decide our destiny, based on facts and our needs. Besides, this is not the era of blood, of smoke, of burning, of knives and axes; this is the era of the people, and supposedly the era of democracy. Everything is by election and referendum, ie, through the people's direct authority, which is the people's direct democracy, and not through rumours, and Facebook, and YouTube, and the Kleenex and the cables of American Ambassadors. This world wide web Internet is laughing at us and damaging our countries; it is tearing up our clothes; and killing our children for it.
The thing is, I am yet to find a demented person, under the influence, high on alcohol and drugs, who is able to utter such nonsense!


Unknown said...

hear hear! bloody buffoon that he is. I cannot fathom the reason why Libyans actually allow him to represent them still.

sakredkow said...
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Jon Garfunkel said...

thanks. Jillian York in Boston has passed this along, so I have passed it along to friends in the USA.

We are curious about the "Kleenex" translation -- you may know that in American English some people regularly call them "facial tissues"; Jillian thought the word sounded like "LeakyLeaks", which I suppose sounds like what one would call a facial tissue it weren't a Kleenex. :-)

Amira said...

Different people heard it differently. Listening to him on television, he said: And this Wikileaks which some people call Kleenex.
Here's part of his rant where he refers to Wikileaks (@2.00):

And yes, Kleenex refers to facial tissue!!

Rastus said...

Gaddaffi is correct in that anybody can write anything and publish it on the internet. What is not true is that we all believe everything we read.

Another thing that is not true is hat we can all read what is on the internet. Censorship prevents some people accessing what is unpalatable to some governments - including Gaddaffi's.

Finally, I am glad that Gaddaffi has the latest technology. I still haven't been able to access the part of the "world wide web Internet" that can "laugh". LOL

Daniel said...

Poignant, idiotic, beautiful and still somewhat apt.

Thanks for translating.

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