Thank you for your email. We appreciate the time you have taken to write to us and are pleased to address your concerns. On behalf of Air Canada, I offer my sincere apologies for the inconvenience that you experienced.

Due to world events, regulatory bodies require airlines to submit passengers to additional security measures such as identification validation, secondary searches or interviews by law enforcement personnel prior to boarding. While some of these actions are random in nature, compliance is mandatory. Air Canada does not handle the security screening, that is done by the Airport Authority.

While we understand that these additional precautions may be inconvenient and time-consuming, we trust you will appreciate that your safety and security are our top priority.

Thank you for choosing Air Canada. We look forward to the opportunity of welcoming you onboard in the near future.


Eric Smith
Customer Relations

My response: 

Random MY FOOT. It is a lost cause. Law abiding citizens, like me, are picked on by #$#%s and ridiculed for fun. Let's play the Spot the Arab game, and subject them to humiliation, make them walk barefooted across the airport in front of the rest of the paranoid passengers, mess up their immaculately packed carry on wearing DIRTY gloves used to go through other suspicious passengers personal belongings, spreading nastiness and germs in the process, and then camouflage it all as RANDOM. 

Stop it please. Stop insulting our intelligence. I don't mind that being the price to pay every time I travel provided I am told the truth: You have been selected for being paraded as a security threat because you are: 

1. Arab 
2. Muslim 
3. Traveling alone 
4. We just want to pick on you for fun 

Tell me it is racial profiling and I swear I will be happy with it and will step aside for extra screening every time I cross a border - any border - voluntarily. 


Amjad said...

They claim that this is done randomly. I don't know how true is their claim, but all I know is that anybody can indeed be selected for this!

I have traveled within the US and from the US to other countries numerous times. I only remember being selected for this thing a couple of times. Lets say I would be selected 4 out of 10 times, and I am a passport holder of one of the countries in the black list of the US (i.e. the 5 countries labeled by the US that they support terrorism). In the other 6 out of 10 times I was not selected for this secondary screening, I have seen WHITE Americans, old woman, young kids, being selected for this thing, and going through a secondary screening in front of everyone in the airport. That proves to me that anybody can indeed be selected for this thing, Arabs or non-Arabs, Muslims or non-Muslims, whites or non-whites, blacks or non-blacks. I highly doubt that it's done randomly, BUT, I am 100% positive that it's not only done to Arabs and Muslims, because as I said, sometimes I wasn't selected, and whites were selected.

Anonymous said...

good they are discriminating you guys, you deserve it.

survivor kitty said...

Well are you Bahraini? What about the racisism you guys have in your country towards helpless poor workers from countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philipines, etc. You guys treat them like shit. You claim your Muslims-Islam is suppose to be the religion of peace but you do not even know how to even treat a fellow human being with respect-what kind of Muslims are you?
So if you did get stopped and got checked at the airport-deal with it. We have to watch our saftey. Bahrain was about to deport back all Bangladeshi immigrant workers because of one alleged incident that involved a Bangladeshi guy killing a Bahraini Man. You sterotype and decide to send all of the countrymen back to their homeland. What is sad they are also Muslims like you but you treat them poorly. You guys are so lazy you cant even do any kind of labour work so you depend on these innocent helpless people. Also you are ignorant because you think every person from these countries are poor and dependent but that is not true either. I am from the USA and I live in New Jersey and all the Indians I know here are from great families back home and they are the smartest ones here-they are highly educated and hard working. Most are doctors, lawyers, dentists, teachers, engineers, etc. They work and earn their money and living unlike some I have seen in the GCC countries-you are born and the money falls into your lap. You do not know anything about anything. All you know is how to be snobby, arrogant and spend your free money.
Here it is believed that an Arab was responsible for the 911 bombings-so how does it feel that we sterotype all of you and think that you are all bombers and terrorists? Doesnt feel so good right. Well the world is one fucked up place baby and people are fucked up but you guys are beyond fucked up.
You need to take a college course in Multicultural Education and learn about cultural senstivity.

Thank you :)

Lanthanum said...

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