I have just come up with an incredible way of not getting anything done at all...ever.

I have started doing a THINGS TO DO LIST every morning. First, I need to look for a suitable piece of paper for the list. Then, I look for a pen I like to see my handwriting in...since I type all the time... or text message people..not any pen can write like I like (does this make sense?)!! LOL.. Thirdly, I need to think of all the things to do and list them in no particular order. Then I need to list them in order, which makes the paper look messy with numbers and arrows all over the place.. So I now need to start from scratch.. and draw up a new list, where all my priorities are set right.

Ouch..It's already midday and I have to have my lunch..

Before I know it .. the day is OVER and I haven't struck more than three items off my 20 point list.

Who cares.. tomorrow is a fucking new day. And it's a weekend. And it better be wicked. I want to go out and build a snowman..and stick a carrot up its... face!!


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Ah, you have found that very useful time suck, too, called the endless to do list? But I must say, I always wish that I could cross at least one or two things off the list:-)
PS Thanks for your visit. I have always wanted to go to Bahrain.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

You are more than welcome to visit Bahrain anytime.. It certainly welcomes its guests with open arms.
Thanks for dropping by!

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