Safe and sound in Canada - a bit cold though! I am told that this isn't winter, eventhough temperatures have dropped to 2 degrees Celcius. Like the bears, I think my best option would be to hibernate, but I still have a few deceptive sunny days to make up my mind. The thing is that the sun here is deceptive.. How low could that get? Dunno. It looks bright and sunny..but it is cold and dead! It has no heat, no fury. The people of those lands have not sinned enough to be burnt alive by the sun like where I came from.. Just a silly thought.

What else? We are currently house/condo/apartment/whatever hunting... and it isn't easy. Most of the buildings are really old and qualify for His Majesty the King of Bahrain Dilapidated Houses Projects Scheme. Also, the rooms in those houses and apartments are really tiny. The bathrooms in particular are so small that someone as claustaphobic as I am will certainly meet her doom if forced to live in a Sardine can like the ones we saw. The houses are nicer and a bit larger but they are a far drive from the town centre. We will have to make a choice.. and what a choice it is.

I don't want to be positive about Wonderland. I don't miss it - just yet. All I miss really is my family and the little angles - my precious neices and nephews. I called home yesterday and Dana answered the phone. I just choked and my eyes filled with tears when I heard her voice. Speaking to my mother broke my spirit really. It hurts when you know you are having fun and her heart is breaking for you.

"We were having harees earlier.. and we remembered how much you love harees!" my mother sobbed. The joke is that I haven't been away from home for a week and the taste of harees is still very much alive in my taste buds.

Mummy.. if you are reading this, you would be surprised how much Arabic food and spices and Arabs there are here! I have even seen harees and vineleaves and burghol and all the rest of the stuff sold in shops!!

Anyway.. better go.. and see u all soon!




Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

Wonderful and elhamdlilah 3la asalamah. You better get settled before the snow start falling... I'm sure that doesn't affect the locals so much, but for a silly island girl whose blood must have surely thinned for being in the tropics for so long, you might feel a bit down after a few days of the white fluffy stuff!

Good to have you back online at least... now get settled and start writing.

Cerebralwaste said...

Do you need a snow shovel or two?

Just wait SBG... Just wait!!!!

ps Move to the "burbs"!

MuppetLord said...

Good luck on the househunting.

أبو سنان said...

Glad you are finally at your new home, and safe. Buildings are smaller, they are older and they are much different, but you'll get used to it.

It does get colder, and hey, dont talk too much about bears, they have them in Canada ya know?

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Welcome to Canada. When Winter really arrives you might get to love the Winter Wonderland. I hope while you are here you get to come North. Nothing is a refreshing than a day of ice-fishing at -40C.

global soul said...

Welcome to Canada!

If you're not in your home country, then the second best place to be in is Canada. I don't think you'll regret moving here.

Canadians are insanely polite, friendly, and welcoming people. The stereotypes about friendly canadians are 100% true.

I hope you enjoy living in canada.

Winter is approaching and it is beautiful. Don't let all the complaints of how bad winters are influence you. Just enjoy it as it comes and as it is.

All the best,

Cerebralwaste said...
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Cerebralwaste said...

Global Soul

Ask SBG about the weather in about 6 weeks when she has 36+ inches of snow and 50 kph winds and freezing weather to deal with TILL EARLY JUNE.

I will of course be laughing because we thaw out in mid MAY! Meanwhile our first snow is expected today. Gotta feeling this is going to be a LONG COLD Candian type winter.

MuppetLord said...

You're not supposed to put her off so early!!

Cerebralwaste said...

Problem ML is it is snowing HERE and I am well SOUTH of SBG's current abode. It is much too early for snow but Mother Nature doesn't agree.

chefjama said...

You're lucky you're in the warm part of Canada. Alberta gets even colder.
I felt the same way when i moved to the Gulf, you think that you're going to die. At least you can dress for the cold. If i dressed for the heat here in Bahrain I would probably be arrested.
If you get a chance, you should head over to Ivor Wynne on the 4th. There's no better way to climatize yourself then spending a day watching football in an open stadium.

MuppetLord said...

Mike, I think you've got a little carried away. :)

yochanan said...

the only warm part of canada is out in vancouver.

and in vancouver it is damp.

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