We must have all heard the story of the hare and the tortoise.

The hare was running ahead in the race and about the reach the finish line. Way way behind was the sluggish tortoise burdened by its heavy shell.

The hare decides to take a nap...the tortoise beats it to the finish line.

End of story.

For the unfortunate souls in Bahrain who have not heard of this fable...wake up and smell the machbous (stolen without permission from Mahmood ;))

The fable doesn't matter now though because we have all lived it, witnessed it - year by year, day by day and if we missed to notice it, then tough!

As we slept, others beat us to the finish line.

I'm just back in Bahrain after a week of sunshine, beach, lavish surroundings and shopping.

White elephant ? Nope. Dubai is a 45-minute plane journey away.

Here are some pictures I clicked to make you all go green:

Construction still on going all over Jumaira: The skyline changes almost every month and I am not exaggerating.

Here is the view from the balcony of The Palace Hotel in Jumaira, which was opened in September and overlooks Burj Al Arab: A real little Venice which came up in no time unlike the Amwaj which we have been hearing about for years:

The story goes that Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoom heard criticism over the fact that all the architecture going up in Jumaira was modern...so overnight he ordered this massive resort to be built - complete with its two hotels (The Palace and The Fort, creative names I may add) and a shopping complex designed like an old suq and lagoons and swimming pools and greenery... well let the photographs speak for themselves:

And yes...apparently their circuit is also ready and they are planning to host an F1 race in September ?!

Sleep well Bahrain ;) Good night.


Anonymous said...


Just an FYI.. There is NO F1 race in Dubai.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

"And yes...apparently their circuit is also ready and they are planning to host an F1 race in September ?!"

1. apparently
2. the sentence ends with both an exclamation and a question mark.

This is what I was told by someone from their "tourism" dept. and I couldn't verify it elsewhere.

Thanks for rectifying it Anon.

sume said...

Oh, I'm jealous. Vacation!

You know I went to the halal meat store last week. I wanted to buy some phone cards for Bahrain. I asked the cashier if they had any and she started looking in her phone card book for Bahrain. I think she was either from Lebanon or Syria. She looked up from her book and asked me if Bahrain was the same a Qatar!

It was my daughter who found Bahrain in the book, so luckily I got my phone cards.

Scorpio said...

Dubai is the capital of cheese. With the exception of SBG, there are only two sorts of people who go there: those with who are big into Russian prostitutes and shoppaholics (a his n' hers if you will).

The Al Makhtoums haven't thought it through either: what happens a generation down the line when the 95% expat population start wanting political rights to go along with their contribution to building the place?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Sume... no need to be jealous! I was feeling down the whole time and stayed in my room - despite the stunning views and the sandy beach which was beckoning me !

And Scorpio...welcome back ;)
Good point. What happens when the slaves rebel against their masters and ask for more ?

Voice of UCB said...

Scorpio said...

Dubai is the capital of cheese. With the exception of SBG, there are only two sorts of people who go there: those with who are big into Russian prostitutes and shoppaholics (a his n' hers if you will).


Exhibiton Road is known as the capital of S for Sleaze!

Our sources have it that Bahrain has it's share of Russian Prositutes, however, due to the ever increasing number of private universities in Bahrain, the trends in sexual taste has seen a rapid decline from European prostitutes to local and Saudi prostitutes.

The majority being university students from middle-class & wealthy families, who look to pimping or 'sleeping around' to make an extra buck (dinar) to spend at the mall so they don't feel left behind amidst all the glamour & glitz on this beautiful island of opportunities!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Interesting change in taste indeed, University Voice.
So are the little boys now moving from exported goods to help replenish the local economy ?!
Why this decline in standards (among the local girls, I mean) ?
Is it really to make ends meet in this land of opportunity ?
Since when has poverty been an excuse for a decline in moral values and principles ?
Just wondering.

Voice of UCB said...

Let us begin to try and find an appropriate answer to the questions you have posed. In now way, may the answers presented here be concrete as they're always open to change.

Your second question somewhat relates to your third and fourth questions. To make it easier for our other readers to comprehend, we will wrap it all up into one answer, which may or may not be the right response.

Do you really think that these local girls do it out of poverty or to make ends meet as you have put it SBG? If we were to go back to the earlier post, it can be observed that these girls come from middle-class & wealthy families, additionally; the post never mentioned the term 'poverty' anywhere.

Regarding, this decline in standards among local girls, would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the generalization and rephrase to 'some' local girls. However, it must be said that there is no clear-cut answer to your query. It is quite doubtful that 'this decline in standards' can even be looked at as a 'decline'. These girls enjoy the money and at the same time have a good time. Not wanting to appear sexist, but there are some local boys or men if you will, that do the same. It is not looked at as something 'disgraceful' or 'unspeakable' any longer amongst university students. Maybe, just maybe the older generation or others who fall beyond the 13-25 age group may have their reservations regarding the above. And, if someone within the aforementioned age group has an objection, it might be an isolated case.

As for the local economy, it will always be like what it is as of now. It does not take a genius to understand that the status of the local economy when 'big daddy' is in control will always be as it is. However, that may change in the near future. We will just have to keep our fingers crossed and wait.

Prostitution and pimping is good business in universities both private and local alike. For such services, there exists a diverse array of clientele, from the local population to expats and Middle Eastern/Western/Asian/European tourists.

UOB is known to have it's own share of the market being the largest campus in Bahrain; however, due to the presence of 'religious police' activities are somewhat restricted. The restriction does not help because it just pushes the individual to 'sleep around' with anyone possible.

NYIT, UCB & RUW are royal universities and founded by well-known faces in the business sectors. Yet prostitution exists on these very campuses except that the manner in which 'sleeping around' is carried out is very discreet and more of 'under the table' deals. Sleeping with tutors to pass a class or obtain high grades is normal. Having one-night stands with an unknown or known fellow fresher, sophomore, junior or senior is increasingly on the rise. Yet, all these three educational institutions being fresh entrants into the sex industry are still grappling to take over the market and put in place cutthroat strategies to outnumber their competitors. Such strategies that come to mind are sleeping with tutors in rival universities, doing favors for the graduating class and/or spending heavily on a non-NYIT/UCB/RUW student just to put on a show of who's in charge.

Other colleges such as Ahlia University, AOU, AMA and the like do much of the above except in a low-profile manner. AMA has their own set up rock bands, nightclubs and places they frequent and any student found to be outside their 'click' is dealt with accordingly.

And there you have it, the fun, fear, fashion and fame that you as a college student can enjoy upon this island of opportunities and pure beauty.

Scorpio said...

Chill out dude, you sound like someone who's been knocked back once too often and now by way of consolation goes round saying "They were all whores anyway."

There's a clear political purpose behind this sort of rant - women stay in the home, because if you're seen out and looking good then the inference is that you've probably paid for that Karen Millen dress through whoring.

So relax pal, take a break. Perhaps Dubai?

Desert Island Boy said...

It's time for a Manual Trackback!

Buy a Hye in Dubai

SillyBahrainiGirl said...


This posting was supposed to highlight the development Dubai is witnessing at the speed of light while we are still immersed in 70s-80s mentality.

To add insult to injury, we even have a parliament now to tell us that wasting $ XXX on the BIC is a waste of resources, the the university has to be segregated and that Nancy Ajram should not perform in live concerts in Bahrain ;)

Passing by Seef today.. I just laughed my head off..With the exception of that ugly blue penis stuck in the middle of nowhere...all the rest of the buildings were really modest and tasteless.

We should send our MPs on a familiarisation trip to Dubai...

It's OK... they are paid enough now to afford Nancy-look-alike prostitutes.

They won't need a tour guide for this.

Anonymous said...

Collective Morality, social morality, religious morality, prophetic morality... Guess most people in this world consider morality as blindly following a code of conduct passed on to them.

To each, his own.

Preternatural_aL said...

SBG - ur pics are real nice
y cant ppl just appreciate the preedy pics u posted :p

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Glad u liked the pix ;)

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