huh? Cyberprostitutes too!

I have seen real ones when I was back in Wonderland on holiday but didn't know that they traded their wares online.

According to the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights:
BYSHR acquired adequate statistics on the women who practice prostitution in Bahrain and the numbers of registered users in prostitution websites. The announced number is 13,539 persons from Bahrain. They include seekers and women. This number is increasing day after day. 1200 persons were added to the aforementioned number within only two days.

Seems like a lucrative business.

What leaves me scratching my head is that those women/playmates are available everywhere you turn your head.. so why would you seek them online?

Has the extent of the internet penetration (hehe..can't believe I am typing this) helped in exciting the business?

Or is local prostitution just developing and exploiting all available resources, including the www?

Just wondering.


Qwaider قويدر said...

It's all about supply and demand ... where there is a need, there will be a pimp providing services... Online is no exception but in the Arab world, what makes the online world more attractive is that people can render services without fearing to be exposed. like they would be in real life.
Since our societies are built on secrecy when it comes to these things. The internet provided the perfect medium for people to practice this mass perversions.

Sadly, most if not all the male population suffer from these perversions due to many social and psychological reasons. Women do as well, but to a much lesser extent since they're always in demand, unlike guys who are always faced with "rejection"

If you check elsewhere in the whole Arab world, you will find the situation similar..

programmer craig said...

I'd guess it is a difference between street prostitution (low class) and "call girls" (higher class). I know nothing about your country, but that's the way it is here in the US. Yes, there are different classes of prostitutes (and customers), as strange as that may sound :)

Ammaro said...

wow, almost 14,000 people. That's a good 2% of our population. Damn.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Qwaider for putting things in perspective.. but as Ammar points out it is a huge number of people for the size of Bahrain!

Didn't know we had such a high level of sexually starved people in our country. On the surface, it all looks good and dandy.. until you go online!

Another thing is that our filtering service is over zealous with blocking adult-content sites. So unless people bypass proxies, they won't be able to access them.

But then again, they bend backwards to access banned political sites.. and I suppose that sex and politics are sleep mates.. so it makes sense that people are able to access both!

I fully agree.. there are diffent classes of prostitution - but when it comes to peddling youngsters and breaking them into the sex industry and dealing with human trafficking as the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights seems to be alleging, then we have a whole can of worms open for us. We move from merely dealing with rampant prostitution to other more pressing issues like sex slaves, human trafficking and child abuse.

Capt. Arab said...

Another terminology for this is called "Catering".. Basically catering for the needs for our brethren's "دولة شقيقة". Another thing is that some of these websites pick up the surfers ip address and they have a database of towns and cities in that respective country, and just display them in that format. I have seen some of them.. I mean a blond living in Malkiya?? Come on... I'm not saying that it's fabricated, but like you said they are available on the street, but I'm sure there is some sort of service available on the net(exclusive to vip). Nothing stays a secret forever.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Yup.. catering fits the bill in the instances you write about .. as well as fast food and gourmet!
LOL! I wouldn't be surprised if some had a menu!
OK..there is obviously on my mind today :)

LOL @ the blond from Malkiya!!

Smoked Out said...

Just wanted to second capt arab regarding the whole IP address ads/pop up you get surfing the net. I also doubt that an organization with the modest resources of BYSHR could come up with an accurate figure anyway.
Oh and the whole thing is morally wrong.. really really awful, arab men are disgusted they really are... but they(we?) just can't say no...

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I can't agree more about the youth society not having much resources to come up with a figure we can verify .. but it still is a problem .. and they have raised the red flag!

Also .. what do you mean men can't say NO.. that is the only word I hear whenever I open my mouth around this house :)

Smoked Out said...

There's a categorical and circumstancial qualification for my statement. y'naameeaan ?

And I am sorry, but can you really blame them with you being silly all the time?

Capt. Arab said...

To put it more bluntly, it is an industry that is making a few prople rich, on the account of our country and reputation. Ramadan is coming up, so expect to read in the papers about vice dens being shut down, Ho's being arrested, pimps being deported and the victims??? The sex slaves.
Then... behold for the final act.. Eid is round the corner, and somehow, somewhere the girls slept in as bands, hotels are catering for needs, and the rest is history. The government knows what is going on, but lacks the proper mechanism and "balls" (excuse my French) to put an end to this nonsense. For now, it will remain an industry until somebody gets hurt.

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