Yo.. You all know I am back in Wonderland for a few days (four weeks).

And all that I have done so far is sleep, sleep, sleep! No Kidding. I remember times when I used to stay up until the wee hours of the morning and then go straight to work or university, with one eye shut.. and the other closed! But those days are well behind me now and I really need my sleep, especially here, where people are fussing all over me and making sure I am comfortable every minute of the day.

You see..I have now become a rare commodity.. someone who will walk into the house for a month or two a year, and then be seen no more. I wish there was more time and I wish I didn't waste so much of it sleeping .. but sleeping at home has a different feel to it. I don't know what .. but it just is more comfortable.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that I spent lots of time with family and close friends..embraced and showered by enough love to melt the snow of the coldest winter of my life in Canada! I really missed familiar surroundings, family and friends...including Blackie, our evil cat.

I have also been out and about exploring the place and of course, digging dirt; been to the fish market at the crack of dawn looking for crabs for the crab party we are throwing tonight; eaten lots of food which other people have cooked; been to restaurants where people greeted me 'welcome back' and got me my order without me having to order it; avoided Bahraini TV and radio and all newspapers following my doctor's advise; and last but not least met with some of Bahrain's bloggers, whom I have also introduced to my larger than life grandpa!!

That's all for today .. and catch up with you later :)


Um Naief said...

hala hala habibity!

Good to see you posting and am glad things are good for you. Take care and enjoy this next couple of weeks. Time flies, sadly enough. But.. I do agree. When you come in and out of someone's life (families), it does make for really good times. Enjoy it... my time in the States flew by... I hope the next two for you go by at a snail's pace! Sweet dreams!

Sandi said...

True, true. There's no place like home. You raise some serious issues in your blog. I look forward to your next round of feisty discussion! Meanwhile, enjoy your vacation.

Admin said...

I refer to your infidelity post.

Fidelity: Loyalty to 'the' sexual partner
Infidelity: quite the opposite of Fidelity.

I believe fidelity is something that exists in the mind/heart and not something that can be quantified between the legs - whether it is an itch or else.

O' Leyla, could I help thou with thy itch?

Um Naief said...

are you back in Canada? i miss your blog posts. how was your trip?

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